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Relyence 2018 - New Features and Enhancements

Date: January 30, 2018


The Relyence 2018 release introduces a range of new features and enhancements designed to expand capabilities and improve the overall user experience across the Relyence suite of tools. This update aims to provide more powerful, comprehensive tools for reliability analysis.

New Features

Relyence FMEA Knowledge Bank:

Description: A new feature allowing users to share and sync FMEA data across analyses.

Benefits: Enhances data reusability, consistency, and accuracy by allowing quick insertion and automatic syncing of FMEA data.

Custom FMEA Data Fields and Drop-Down Choice Lists:

Description: Introduction of a wider set of customisable data fields and the ability to create custom drop-down lists.

Benefits: Allows for greater flexibility and customisation to meet specific project needs, ensuring more relevant and accurate FMEA assessments.

Fault Tree-FMEA Link:

Description: Enables automatic creation of Fault Trees based on FMEAs and synchronisation between the two analyses.

Benefits: Streamlines the analysis process by linking top-down and bottom-up methodologies, improving overall risk management.

Mission Profiles in Reliability Prediction:

Description: Supports the modelling of varying operating conditions and phases within a system's mission.

Benefits: Provides a more comprehensive reliability prediction by accounting for different environmental conditions and operational phases.

What-If Analyses in Reliability Prediction:

Description: Allows users to create scenarios to test the impact of different variables on reliability predictions.

Benefits: Facilitates quick and easy trade-off analyses to evaluate design modifications and their impact on reliability.

Pareto Dashboard Widgets in FRACAS:

Description: New widgets to view recurring data trends in incident and problem reports.

Benefits: Helps identify and address frequent issues, improving overall reliability and problem management.

Enhancements and Improvements

Reliability Prediction Enhancements:

Description: Added support for new standards and improved calculation capabilities.

Benefits: Enhances the flexibility and precision of reliability predictions by incorporating a broader range of industry standards.

Customised Calculation Parameters:

Description: Allows users to set default values for various calculation parameters.

Benefits: Improves the accuracy and efficiency of analyses by enabling tailored calculations to specific needs.


Relyence 2018 brings a suite of powerful new features and enhancements, reinforcing Relyence’s commitment to providing top-tier reliability analysis tools. With the introduction of the FMEA Knowledge Bank, expanded customisation options, innovative linking of Fault Trees and FMEAs, and new reliability prediction features, this release offers substantial benefits for engineering teams across various industries.

For more detailed information, click here to read the full release article over on relyence.com.

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