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Failure Reporting

and Corrective Action System

FRACAS Software

Utilise our customisable FRACAS Software to take control of your products and processes, track your failures and returns, escalate incidents and implement a corrective action system to prevent reoccurrences. 

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Informed Decisions

Get to make informed decisions; faster! Relyence FRACAS utilises the same system structure constructed by the prediction module, or FMEA module  it’s the same integrated hierarchical structure  which means you can start collecting FRACAS data early in the design stage and continue right through to obsolescence.

Insight Or Foresight?

The ability to look at things holistically creates opportunities for early identification, containment and preventative action  whether you run your FRACAS at project level, company wide or both  the end result being one of continual improvement to the design and / or process.

Customisable Control

Getter high quality results through targeted customised access. Customising your users interface produces better; more accurate results, faster. Customising views and forms; so they become relevant, more intuitive to the user, reduces or in some cases eliminates the need for training, ensuring consistent levels of quality data for analysis.


Your Data The Way You Need It

When you’re in the business of improving reliability, increasing quality and raising safety standards, having an effective FRACAS system in your arsenal makes total sense.

At least that’s our belief and why the Relyence FRACAS module is an integral part of our Reliability & Quality Lifecycle Management System.

It’s important to remember that FRACAS is a process and not just software. Therefore, any software designed to support the FRACAS process must be highly flexible, customisable, intuitive and resourceful, these are just some of the qualities you’ll find in Relyence FRACAS.

Process Control

The main function of Relyence’s Failure Reporting Analysis & Corrective Action System (FRACAS) is process control software made to fit your specific requirements. 

Whether you follow an 8D, DMAIC or PDCA based process, your own custom process, or something in-between, you can customise Relyence FRACAS to your requirements.

FRACAS Workflow Management

Process management systems depend on effective workflows.

  • incident reporting
  • verifying incidents
  • implementing and reviewing corrective actions
  • problem resolution

And finally marking incidents as closed and any associated problems. These are all key stages and potential bottle necks without a effective workflow customised to your processes to ensure progression.

Workflow Approvals

Relyence Approvals, an option to help you manage the key stages within your incident or problem resolution workflow, specify who can approve or reject requests for approval at any stage within your process. 

Complete flexibility, you can activate approvals on the workflow stages where you feel they’re required. 


You have complete control over FRACAS notifications, decide when to send them to who and if they need reminding – how often.

Critical events, new tasks assigned to you or notifications triggered on due dates mix and match notification options to keep your FRACAS process flowing.

Relyence Dashboards

Gather and organise your failure data in customisable dashboards for a holistic overview.

You can create your own custom dashboards showing what you need to see, report within a project, or across multiple projects with the ability to drill down. Highlight overdue tasks, items requiring your approval, top 10 failures, incidents over time, open incidents, problem status reports and much more.

Power Packed Control

You have complete control over your FRACAS data, who can access it and how through role based permissions.

Do you need to restrict user access to certain assemblies or sub-assemblies? You need a supplier to provide feedback on their product returns.

KPI's Metrics

Calculate failure, repair and trend metrics based on your test data and/or real-life failure data. Built in calculations for Failure Rate, MTBF, MTTF, MTTR, Availability and Trend Score to see if you’re getting better overtime. 

In addition, you can create your own custom calculations incorporating user-defined data.

Relyence Studio

You can purchase Relyence FRACAS as a standalone solution or as part of our integrated Studio to manage all your quality and reliability needs.

A fully integrated platform with seamless integration between modules providing high level reporting and cross-module dashboards.

Check out our ‘Create Weibull dataset from FRACAS’.


To Problems

Problems Drive Corrective / Preventative Actions

There are many methodologies and standards that surround the FRACAS / CAPA process, we’ve designed Relyence FRACAS to support them all.

So whether you arrived at this page researching a project requirement, or you’re looking to improve your company’s overall reliability and quality standards; the flexibility and customisability of Relyence FRACAS will serve you well.


Informed Decisions

Make informed decisions faster! Start collecting failure data early in the design stage.

Insight Or Foresight?

The ability to look at data holistically creates opportunities for early identification.

Customisable Control

Customise fields, views, workflows and notifications; so they’re relevant, intuitive and informative.


Creating Your Own FRACAS Database

Adding forms is as easy as typing into a spreadsheet, click to add a new form, name it and then select the fields you want. 

Adding fields in Relyence FRACAS is just as quick and simple, click <Add New Field> name it and choose a field type, that’s it!


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