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Fault Tree Analysis Software

There’s more to Relyence’s Fault Tree Analysis Software than its striking good looks, computational power and ease of use, all of which accredit Relyence FTA best-in-class.

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Move Left Move Right

Identify your undesired events, calculate the probability of those events occurring and then take the steps necessary to eliminate or mitigate the occurrence fast, using our intuitive graphical fault tree editor to create diagrams to represent and then evaluate your undesired events.

Powerful Calculations

Put our powerful computational engine to work for you. Quickly calculate your most important risk and safety metrics. Choose to run exact calculations or powerful simulations, select from a wide array of calculation results including: unavailability; failure frequency; importance measures; and cut-set analysis.

Delivering Results

Deliver your results in a meaningful, interpretable, actionable format.  Whether they choose to use Relyences powerful report generator or dashboard overview your users can customise the results generated to suit their needs. (e.g. highest probability events; most important gates; and minimal cut sets).


Risk Analysis Software

Relyence FTA places you firmly in the driving seat. Gaining a greater understanding of the sequence (combinations of contributing factors) of events required to trigger an undesired catastrophic event and the probability of the events occurring; empowers you to take the necessary actions required to mitigate or even eliminate the probability of occurrence.  

This top down approach to critical risk assessment equips organisations with a powerful, valuable insight into the behavioral characteristics of their products and processes. Being able to provide our users with these results quickly and easily enables our customers to respond with the necessary action steps quickly and efficiently.


Simple, Effective
Risk Analysis

Relyence Fault Tree provides an intuitive graphical interface to create well-organised, easy to understand visual diagrams paired with an equally impressive back-end mathematical engine.

You can calculate numerous risk metrics, including minimal cut sets (MCS), unavailability and importance measures using Relyence’s fault tree generator which supports a variety of input models, an array of gates and events, Common Cause Failure (CCF) groups and disjoint events. 




Quick Draw & Calculate

Easily create Fault Tree diagram models to analyse safety and risk for a variety of instances, if you can draw it we can calculate it!

Powerful Computational Engine

Users perform complex fault tree calculations simply by inserting a variety of graphical icons (that represent logic gates and event types) to form a diagram.

Comprehensive Array of Logic Gates

AND gate, Inhibit gate, NAND gate, NOR gate, NOT gate, and OR gate. Speciality gates Priority AND gate, and Voting gate. Exclusive OR and Transfer gate.


Creating Your Fault Tree Diagram

Inserting gates & events, select, click press and repeat.

Navigating large fault trees the easy way, select a gate and break into a ‘Transfer Diagram‘ then use the ‘Go To‘ links to switch.

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