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Relyence 2020 Release 1 - New Features and Enhancements

Date: February 6, 2020


Relyence 2020 Release 1 introduces a brand-new module, Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), and numerous impressive new capabilities. This release enhances the Relyence suite's reliability analysis tools, reaffirming our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

New Features

  • Relyence ALT (Accelerated Life Testing):
    • Description: Provides comprehensive life data analysis using various statistical distributions.
    • Benefits: Allows for the prediction of failure trends, system reliability, and warranty periods using accelerated life testing methodologies.
  • Best Fit Distribution Analysis in ALT:
    • Description: Automatically identifies the best fit distribution for failure data.
    • Benefits: Simplifies the selection of appropriate statistical models for life data analysis.
  • ALT Plots:
    • Description: Offers a range of plot types including PDF, Probability, Reliability vs. Time, and more.
    • Benefits: Enables visual analysis of life data and distribution trends, enhancing understanding and communication of reliability data.
  • Reliability Prediction Enhancements:
    • Allocations:
      • Description: Supports reliability goal distribution across subsystems using various allocation methods (e.g., AGREE, ARINC).
      • Benefits: Helps system integrators distribute reliability goals effectively to meet overall objectives.
    • Derating:
      • Description: Evaluates component operating stress against maximum stress levels to ensure components are not overstressed.
      • Benefits: Prolongs component life and maintains high product reliability by adhering to derating standards.
  • FMEA Enhancements:
    • FMEA Workflow:
      • Description: Provides a customisable process control for managing FMEA from start to finish.
      • Benefits: Enhances efficiency and control over the FMEA process, ensuring systematic progression and approvals.
    • Knowledge Bank Push Notifications:
      • Description: Notifies team members of updates to the FMEA Knowledge Bank.
      • Benefits: Ensures all FMEAs reflect the latest knowledge and lessons learned.

Additional New Features

  • Filtering FRACAS Calculations: Allows selection of incidents to include in FRACAS metrics.
  • Default Values: Enables automatic entry of default values during data entry.
  • Grouped Columns: Supports grouping related fields on tables for better organisation.
  • Audit Report Links: Adds hyperlinks to items in audit reports for easy navigation.
  • Enhanced Permissions: Provides more detailed control over user and group permissions.


Relyence 2020 Release 1 introduces significant new features and enhancements, reinforcing Relyence's commitment to providing best-in-class reliability analysis tools. With the addition of the ALT module, advanced FMEA workflow, and enhanced reliability prediction capabilities, this release offers substantial benefits for engineering teams across various industries.

For more detailed information, you can read the full article on relyence.com here.

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