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Relyence 2023 Release 1 - New Features and Enhancements

Date: February 10, 2023


Relyence 2023 Release 1 introduces a variety of new and powerful features that will help take your reliability and quality analyses to the next level. This release includes enhanced customisation capabilities and unmatched innovative features.

New Features

  • Selectable Workflow in FRACAS:
    • Description: Allows the definition and use of multiple workflows within FRACAS.
    • Benefits: Provides unparalleled workflow flexibility, enabling the selection of the most appropriate workflow for individual incidents or problems.
  • Dependent Lists:
    • Description: Sets up dropdown lists where the values shown are dependent on another list item.
    • Benefits: Improves data entry efficiency by dynamically adjusting dropdown options based on prior selections.

Enhancements in Relyence FMEA

  • Cohesive Handling of FMEA Symbols:
    • Description: Defines and uses symbols across DFMEAs, PFMEAs, and FMEA-MSRs for various purposes.
    • Benefits: Ensures consistent identification and classification of critical items across all FMEA types.
  • Occurrence Values Associated with Prevention Controls:
    • Description: Associates predefined occurrence values with prevention controls in FMEA.
    • Benefits: Streamlines risk assessment by automatically entering occurrence values, ensuring consistent RPN and AP calculations.

New in Relyence RBD

  • Cold Standby Redundancy on Blocks Linked to Subdiagrams:
    • Description: Models cold standby redundancy configurations linked to subdiagrams.
    • Benefits: Enhances the accuracy of reliability assessments for complex systems.
  • Path and Cut Sets on Cold Standby Redundant Configurations:
    • Description: Calculates path sets and cut sets for cold standby configurations.
    • Benefits: Identifies critical components and paths for system success and failure.

New in Relyence Fault Tree

  • Remarks Gate:
    • Description: Adds more information directly onto Fault Tree Diagrams without affecting calculations.
    • Benefits: Provides additional context and helps optimize diagram layouts.
  • Custom Gate and Event Data Fields:
    • Description: Defines custom text-based data fields for gates and events.
    • Benefits: Stores additional information and improves data management.
  • View Usage on Transfer Gates and Repeat Events:
    • Description: Displays all instances of Transfer Gates or Repeat Events.
    • Benefits: Enhances navigation and management of these elements within Fault Tree Diagrams.
  • New Statistical Event Models:
    • Description: Adds Normal, Lognormal, and Uniform statistical input models.
    • Benefits: Ensures precise modeling and accurate depiction of real-world performance.


Relyence 2023 Release 1 introduces significant new features and enhancements, reaffirming Relyence's commitment to providing cutting-edge reliability analysis tools. With advanced workflow capabilities, enhanced FMEA processes, improved RBD configurations, and robust Fault Tree Analysis tools, this release offers substantial benefits for engineering teams across various industries.

For more detailed information, click here to read the full release article over on relyence.com.

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