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Relyence 2022 Release 2 - New Features and Enhancements

Date: July 7, 2022


Relyence 2022 Release 2 introduces a range of new features and enhancements aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of reliability analysis. This update includes significant upgrades to the Knowledge Bank, FMEA, FRACAS, RBD, and Dashboard capabilities.

New Features

  • Pull Changes Capability in Knowledge Bank:
    • Description: Complements the existing Push feature by allowing updates from FMEAs to Knowledge Banks.
    • Benefits: Ensures bidirectional synchronization of data, maintaining consistency across analyses.
  • Knowledge Bank Access Control:
    • Description: Restricts Knowledge Bank data availability based on product-specific needs.
    • Benefits: Enhances data relevance and accuracy by limiting access to applicable information.

Enhancements in Relyence FMEA

  • Full Process Flow Symbol Customisation:
    • Description: Allows modification or upload of custom Process Flow Symbols.
    • Benefits: Provides flexibility in defining process flow diagrams according to specific requirements.
  • Severity, Occurrence, Detection (SOD) Colours:
    • Description: Enables colour customisation for SOD rankings.
    • Benefits: Offers visual indicators of critical FMEA items for better risk management.
  • SmartSuggest Enhancements:
    • Description: Automatically links Severity values and handles shared Recommended Actions.
    • Benefits: Streamlines data consistency and efficiency in FMEA processes.

New in Relyence FRACAS

  • Subtable Workflow:
    • Description: Adds Workflow and Approval features to FRACAS Subtables.
    • Benefits: Tracks and manages detailed corrective actions and root cause investigations effectively.
  • Escalate FRACAS Incidents to Problems:
    • Description: Automatically creates Problems from selected Incidents.
    • Benefits: Simplifies escalation processes for comprehensive issue resolution.

New Relyence RBD Capabilities

  • Cold Standby Redundancy on Branches:
    • Description: Supports complex Cold Standby configurations with branching structures.
    • Benefits: Models detailed backup systems to enhance reliability assessments.
  • Repeat Blocks:
    • Description: Allows using the same component in multiple locations within a diagram.
    • Benefits: Reflects identical component behaviour across different system parts, improving accuracy.

Additional New Features

  • Analysis Tree Revisions:
    • Description: Enables creating and managing revisions of Analysis Tree items.
    • Benefits: Facilitates easy reference and retrieval of archived versions.
  • Dashboard Improvements:
    • Description: Enhances grouping, filtering, and drilldown support for widgets.
    • Benefits: Improves data visualisation and high-level analysis.


Relyence 2022 Release 2 introduces robust new features and significant enhancements, reinforcing Relyence's commitment to providing top-tier reliability analysis tools. With advanced Knowledge Bank capabilities, improved FMEA processes, enhanced FRACAS workflows, and powerful RBD options, this release offers substantial benefits for engineering teams across various industries.

For more detailed information, you can read the full article on relyence.com here.

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