Real Data Analysis?

Are you looking to take your analysis to the next level, analysing your test data and real life data could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

With Power Comes Performance

A powerful platform for life data analysis. Simply enter your data and engage the powerful calculation engine to quickly compute the distribution, such as Weibull or lognormal, that best fits your data as well as the distribution’s parameters. And then quickly depict your custom interactive chart allowing you to see how your system is performing.

The Big Picture

Relyence’s Weibull software is a complete life data analysis software tool. Quickly enter your test or field data and customer returns information and easily get results to quantify how your products are performing and answer questions such as: is my product reliability increasing or decreasing?, what do I expect its reliability to be in the future?, and what is its mean life?

Results You Can Rely-On

Relyence’s comprehensive platform for life data analysis is rounded out with a robust feature set to enhance your Weibull software – including flexible importing, quick copy and paste from Excel, automatic best fit calculations, and integration with Relyence Reliability Prediction and RBD (Reliability Block Diagram) analyses, and Relyence FRACAS.


Analyse Field Data, Customer Returns, Test Data & Trials

Detailed Weibull Analysis packaged in an easy to use, intuitive user interface, delivering all the power without the puzzle.

Get to the results you need fast, with our highly optimised computational engine; supporting industry standard estimation and median rankings.

Your data sets can include both failure data and suspensions, so you can account for those units running as intended. Hit the ‘Find Best Fit’ calculation option and Relyence will calculate the optimum failure distribution.
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What Do You Need To Know?

Do you know how your products perform?
Can you quantify it?
Is your product reliability on the up or down?
How do you see this changing overtime and what’s the average lifespan of your products?
Find the answer to these and other questions with a sample of data from testing or in-service failure returns.

Life Data Analysis

Do you offer warranty periods? How do you decide on the term?

Test & Compare

What’s the expected life of product A versus product B? Is the cost differential worth the return?

Identify Root Causes

Get to the root cause of a device failure using Weibull Analysis i.e maintenance errors, or a bad batch runs and design flaws.


Inserting Raw Data

Entering data into Weibull
Finding the “Best Fit’ Distribution
Software to help you design reliable products, better processes and safer operating environments.


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