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Reliability Block Diagram Software

RBDs or Reliability Block Diagram Software enables you to analyse the effect connectivity has on your system. Thinking of introducing redundant components, connected in stand-by or parallel? How will this affect your reliability and availability figures?

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Flexible Intuitive Interface

Create multiple Reliability Block Diagrams in super fast time with Relyences easy-to-use RBD.  Quickly assign calculation properties, or link to your Relyence Reliability Prediction data, assign images.  Arrange the blocks as required and connect in series, standby (hot & cold) and parallel configurations.  For greater control and flexibility create nested sub-diagrams.

Live Prediction Link

Eliminate costly errors and save time.  Relyence RBD and Relyence Prediction data are kept in sync via a live link.  Update parts parameters in your prediction and those changes are automatically reflected in your RBD. Add additional parts and change calculation properties with complete confidence that your changes are also applied to the corresponding Reliability Block Diagram.

Powerful Intuitive Calculations

Relyence RBD comes complete with intelligent calculations, armed with a powerful analytical calculator and a Monte Carlo simulator for those more complex configurations.  Depending on the complexity of your diagram Relyence RBD chooses the best method for you, opting for analytical, monte carlo or a combination of the two, simulating some parts whilst calculating others analytically.

Reliability Block Diagram Software

How Reliable Will Your Product Be?

Evaluate the benefits gained by incorporating redundancy into your systems, easily and efficiently using Relyences intuitive, yet extremely powerful Reliability Block Diagram software (RBD).  

Investigate various scenarios through what-if analysis to gain a better understanding of how your product performs, reliability, availability, expected number of failures, downtime and much more.


Series Standby Parallel

Designing redundancy into your system is sometimes essential to hit your reliability and availability goals, in simple terms, when one component fails another steps in to take over, this backup component can be standing by waiting to switch on, be waiting but already switched on, or be operating in parallel to the original component.


Informed Decisions

Analyse the effects of adding redundancy to your systems early in the design stage.

Insight Or Foresight?

Compare results across different configuration options.

Simple Graphical Interface

Calculate complex redundant configurations simply and easily by inserting blocks.


Inserting & Connecting Systems

Entering blocks 

Setting Parameters

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