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Failure Rate

Superfast, accurate reliability prediction analysis supporting internationally recognised prediction standards. 

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Visual Block Diagram

Some users like to work linearly using a hierarchical tree structure, where others prefer a more visual diagrammatical approach. The Relyence Visual Block Diagram is a drag and drop interface allowing users to use photos, colours, borders, add text, change fonts etc. and can be used in conjunction with the hierarchical tree or used stand-alone.

FRACAS Integration

The ability to compare your predicted data alongside your test data, or actual field data is extremely powerful and congruent with reliability growth objectives. Run Relyence Prediction together with our FRACAS module and you get to compare actual data vs predicted data, providing valuable insight into your design and system performance.

Parts Libraries

Quickly populate your prediction data automatically with component parameters from tens of thousands of parts, from known part manufacturers. Supplement your user experience and accuracy in predictions, with your own custom libraries. The more you use the Relyence libraries the more intelligent they get.


How Reliable Will Your Product Be?

Compare design changes, perform powerful what-if analyses, and influence positive design improvements, early in the design stage.

There’s a real potential for both time savings and cost savings by utilising the flexibility of Relyence Prediction.  

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power of Relyence Prediction because it’s easy to use, our intuitive user interface has been designed to aid the user in performing large, complex calculations quickly and easily.


Parts Stress
Parts Count

See what’s impacting the reliability of your design!

Certain factors will have a greater impact on your failure rate values, the question is which factors?

Relyence Prediction  instantly calculates pi factors as you enter parameters related to the component to show you the resulting effects on the pi factors, which in turn affects your failure rates.


Informed Decisions

Make informed decisions faster! Start collecting failure data early in the design stage.

Insight Or Foresight?

The ability to look at data holistically creates opportunities for early identification.

Customisable Control

Customise fields, views, workflows and notifications; so they’re relevant, intuitive and informative.


Entering Your
Part Data

Entering components 

Setting Parameters

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